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Research groups

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The following research groups exist at the Faculty of Law:

- Research and Development of Aragonese Civil Law (IDDA) 

The main aim of the IDDA group is to increase knowledge of Aragonese Regional Law, helping to give definite, informed answers regarding the scope of the laws that govern the most general aspects of life for people in Aragon (their capacity, their family and their heritage) and to provide those who apply the Law with confirmed interpretations and doctrines that will facilitate their application. The group carries out research, consultancy, teaching and dissemination work.

- Ius familiae

Ius Familiae is an Interdisciplinary Research Group in Family and Personal Law whose basic purpose is to promote research in the field and to disseminate its results from an interdisciplinary legal perspective (Civil Law, Canon Law, Private International Law, Procedural Law, Philosophy of Law). There are various areas of work in the area such as Marriage and common law marriage; Institutions for child protection; Family, multiculturalism and globalization; or Legal instruments for the protection of people with mental disabilities.

- Legal management of businesses, instruments and innovative organizations

LegMIBIO is dedicated to research and knowledge transfer for introducing legal solutions aimed at the management of businesses, instruments and innovative organizations. Its cross-cutting theme is transparency as a basic component of legal and property transactions and the functioning of organizations and markets, with special attention to digital financial markets.

Its areas of research are digital purchases and promotion in the financial field, especially FinTech operators; digital promotion and purchases; and transparency in the out-of-court settlement of conflicts in digital promotion and purchasing environments.

- Employment Law

- Administrative law of the economy, society and territory.

- Water, Law and Environment (AGUDEMA)

The members of the Research Group, recognized as a consolidated group by the Government of Aragon (Department of Education and Science) since 2002, are mainly from the University of Zaragoza, but professors from the Carlos III, Navarra, Valladolid and Vigo universities in Spain regularly take part in its activities, as well as others from the Lusiada University of Lisbon, the Universidad Externado de Colombia, El Colegio de México and Mendoza University in Argentina. The Group, which is part of the IUCA research institute, has an extensive national and international research record and has been dedicated for years to the systematic study of the legal system for water and natural resources.

Its research areas are water law, environmental law, public property, environmental taxation and EU and international law.

- Japan Group

The Japan Research Group emerged from an initiative by a group of professors from the University of Zaragoza who have been linked for years by their interest in all kinds of topics related to social and human sciences in Japan: its role on the international scene, its artistic influences in the Western world, its literature, its legal system and studying it in comparison with other legal systems, its economy, its language, its politics, etc. Aware that there were not too many specialists in this particular branch of knowledge (social and human sciences related to Japan) in Spain and that, fortunately, an important number of them were in Zaragoza, this "hard core" began to collaborate with each other spontaneously through a series of continuous actions and projects that meant the informal and embryonic creation of the group. This interdisciplinary group is currently formed by researchers from different areas and academic institutions and is responsible for the Applied Master's in Japanese Studies. Law, Society and Culture.

- Criminal Studies Group

A leading research group recognized by the Government of Aragon, the aim of the Criminal Studies Group is to research and disseminate its results in current criminal matters. Its current areas of research include the following: criminal liability of legal persons, cyber security, criminal laws for terrorism, new offences related to incitement to hatred and discrimination, legal consequences of crime and criminal law in health care.

- Legal Sociology Laboratory (LSJUZ)

This interdisciplinary research group has promoted different areas of empirical research into the preparation and application of law, the effective functioning of legal institutions and the design and implementation of social policies. The group has become a national benchmark in this respect for research into domestic and gender-based violence.

The LSJUZ is part of the "El Tiempo de los Derechos" (The Time of Rights), thematic network which includes 15 research groups from different Spanish universities. This Network aims to promote strategic actions capable of marking a turning point and promoting a leap in quality in human rights law research.

The main areas of research at the Group include the following: "The legal treatment of gender-based violence"; "Human Rights", with special reference to "Children and Adolescents' Rights" and "Economic, Social and Cultural Rights"; "Citizenship, participation and social exclusion" and "Security and Rights".

- Data Protection, Documentation and Multiculturalism Group 

- New forms of political participation in advanced democracies

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